I have just posted a series called Footprint. The idea behind this group of images is to show the beauty of life surrounded by the poison we as humans create.


Veteran Project

I just added Veteran Project to my portfolio. I worked on this series  for 2 years wile in college. I have had one solo show with it so far. It was also in a few hometown newspapers.

As a veteran myself, through self-portraiture, my series conveys the thoughts and emotions of combat veterans struggling with PTSD.

A Man You Do Not Know

He was the perfect soldier

He did everything they asked

He showed up everyday

ready for the task

He’s gone now

and surely will be missed

He got no last phone call 

or one goodbye kiss

Sometimes I think I see him

But most days I don’t

My family wishes he’d come back

but I know that he won’t

Because when I look in the mirror

all I see is you

the people I was willing to die for 

and the things I had to do

My body is still here

and though I look the same

The man they sent to war

can not come home again.

Poem by Amanda Koulouris, my wife.